Welcome to the Frontline2 Survey Information Site

The Fundamental Research in Oncology and Thrombosis (Frontline2) is a global survey, coordinated by the clinical research team at Thrombosis Research Institute (TRI), London. The survey is designed to evaluate how clinicians perceive the risk of venous thromboembolism in cancer patients and to provide insight into current strategies for thromboprophylaxis and management.

The survey’s aim is to bring together the views of oncologists, haematologists, surgeons, radiation oncologists and members of the palliative care team responsible for treating cancer-associated thrombosis (CAT). It will also describe the evolution of clinical understanding in this area since the first Frontline study in 2001, highlighting variations in care (nationally and internationally) and we hope that the survey will also generate new insights into this important clinical problem, helping resolve unanswered questions and encouraging the development of further research.

To achieve our goals, we are keen to stimulate interest from a broad-section of the oncology community.

As a thank you we have prepared free Cancer Associated Thrombosis Educational Material that will benefit you; you can find these in the ‘Free Cancer Associated Thrombosis Educational Materials’ section once you have completed the survey. In addition to this, as a thank you for your time and effort in participation, you will receive an honorarium.

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