About the Survey

To access the questionnaire, please use one of the links throughout this website, which will take you to a trusted third party site where you can complete the survey. It should take approximately 20 minutes to complete and you can complete this in stages, as time allows. Upon completion of the survey you will receive a thank you message which will contain a code creating access to the ‘Free Thrombosis Educational Materials’. Furthermore we will contact you to arrange the honorarium.

How to take the survey

  • The survey is split into 5 Sections (A-E).
  • Please start by clicking ‘Click here to complete the survey’ which will direct you to the Welcome Page. You will be prompted to register and start the survey.
  • As you enter the registration page please fill in all your information correctly.
  • Once you confirm your registration is correct, you will enter the survey and the honorarium amount will be displayed before you begin the survey.
  • Each survey page is saved as you progress – you may return at any time to review or update any of your responses.
  • Upon completion you will receive a thank you message with further instructions on how to receive your ‘Free Cancer Associated Thrombosis Educational Material‘ in addition to how to claim your honorarium.