Free Educational Materials

Welcome to the educational page for Frontline2; many thanks for completing the survey. Your completion of this survey will help provide crucial information to help meet the survey goals.

As a thank you we have prepared some free educational materials that we hope will be of use to you and many thanks for completing the questionnaire. On this page you will find educational slide series on:

  • Cancer Associated Thrombosis overview
    • Slides
    • 3D illustrations – to celebrate reaching 1000 users a new resource of 3D descriptive drawings has been released.
  • Frontline1 overview
    • Published paper
    • Core slides
  • Frontline2 survey results

These materials can be downloaded and used as part of the ongoing academic efforts to broaden the understanding of this important topic.

All participants in Frontline2 survey will be granted first-hand access to the results once published. Please be sure to visit this page again once the survey is complete.

Cancer Associated Thrombosis Overview

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Frontline1 Overview

Click on the links below to initiate the download.

Frontline2 Survey Results

You will find the results here once we have completed the Frontline2 survey.